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3052 Clairemont Dr. Suite 12, San Diego, CA 92117



Over 10 years serving San Diego!

Computer repair San Diego Power Mac Repair

At Geek you can find the repair you want for your computer on the time frame you need and the budget you expect!

Here you can find the agility you can’t find at a bigger shop and the prices that only someone with a very small and competitive system can offer.

My name is Rod and I am an electronic engineer that proudly started a small business. I’ve been working with computers for over 10 years.

If you need laptop repair in San Diego or Computer Repair in San Diego, you found the right shop!

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Fix laptops that are not charging (DC jack replacement)
  • Improve performance on computers that are too slow (system tune up)
  • Fix your computer when you spilled water/wine/beer or other liquids on it
  • Replace broken screens – Screen replacement available overnight too!
  • Screens that don’t light up.
  • Upgrade your computer
  • Remove viruses, Trojans
  • Data recovery
  • Back up
  • Data transfer from your old computer into your new one
  • Downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP

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Don't miss this! Our newer shop, with a bigger lab, can definitely surprise you on how quick you can have your computer back in shape!

We are open Mondays through Fridays 9am to 5:30pm

3052 Clairemont Dr., Suite 12, San Diego, CA 92117


Your one stop computer shop!

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